1992-93 Upper Deck – Michael Jordan – Agent 23 #510

The 1992-93 Upper Deck basketball set includes 510 cards in two series. High series cards are rarer. Packs contain 15 cards each. Card 1A allows trading for a Shaquille O’Neal card. Fronts feature action photos with gold-foil team names. Backs show player stats. Notable subsets and Rookie Cards are included. Inserts commemorate player milestones.

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The comprehensive 1992-93 Upper Deck basketball set comprises 510 standard-size cards split into two series: 310 and 200 cards, respectively. High series cards are relatively more challenging to come by compared to the low numbers due to the mix of high and low series cards in high series packs. Both series were available in 15-card hobby and retail foil packs, as well as 27-card locker packs and 27-card jumbo packs. No factory sets were produced by Upper Deck for this release. Additionally, both series were distributed through 27-card Locker packs.

Card number 1A, exclusively found in low series packs, is a “Trade Upper Deck” card, which collectors could exchange with Upper Deck for a Shaquille O’Neal mail-away trade card starting January 1, 1993. This offer expired on June 30, 1993. The card fronts showcase vibrant action player photos with white borders and gold-foil stamped team names across the top. The bottom border design features a team-colored stripe transitioning from one team color to another, with diagonal stripes adding texture. The entire design is outlined in gold foil, with the Upper Deck logo slightly off-set on the right end. On the backs, action player photos run along the left side, while statistics are displayed on the right side against a ghosted NBA logo background. Notable topical subsets include NBA Draft (2-21), Team Checklists (35-61), and Scoring Threats (62-66), along with two art cards (67-68) and one Stay in School card (69).

The second series introduces subsets such as Team Fact Cards (350-376), NBA East All-Star Game (421-433), NBA West All-Star Game (434-445), In Your Face (446-454), Top Prospects (455-482), NBA Game Faces (483-497), Scoring Threats (498-505), and Fanimation (506-510). Each card is numbered on the back. Notable Rookie Cards include Doug Christie (second series SP), Tom Gugliotta, Jim Jackson (second series SP), Christian Laettner, Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O’Neal (second series SP), Latrell Sprewell, and Clarence Weatherspoon. Inserts feature a card commemorating the retirement of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson (SP1), and the 20,000th point scored by Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan (SP2), inserted at a rate of one in 72 packs. Jordan (23), Magic (32), and Bird (33) are represented by their respective uniform numbers on the basic cards.