1991-92 Fleer – Michael Jordan – All Star Team #211

The 1991-92 Fleer basketball set includes 400 cards split into two series. Cards come in 12-card wax packs, 23-card cello packs, and 36-card rack packs, with 36 packs per wax box. Fronts feature player photos with red and gray stripes, a blue stripe with NBA logos, and player info.

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The 1991-92 Fleer basketball card set comprises 400 standard-size cards, divided into two series of 240 and 160 cards, respectively. These cards were distributed in various pack types: 12-card wax packs, 23-card cello packs, and 36-card rack packs. Wax boxes contained 36 packs each.

On the front side, these cards showcase color action player photos framed by a red stripe at the bottom and gray and red stripes at the top. A 3/4″ blue stripe adorned with black NBA logos runs vertically along the left border, featuring the team logo, player’s name, and position in white lettering. The picture’s right side is bordered by a thin gray stripe and a thicker blue one.

The backs of the cards provide career summaries, printed in black lettering on various pastel backgrounds, overlaid with a wooden basketball floor motif. Each card is numbered and organized alphabetically by teams within each series. Notable subsets within the set include All-Stars (cards 210-219), League Leaders (cards 220-226), Slam Dunk (cards 227-232), All Star Game Highlights (cards 233-238), and Team Leaders (cards 372-398).

Of particular interest among the Rookie Cards are those of Kenny Anderson, Stacey Augmon, Terrell Brandon, Larry Johnson, Anthony Mason, Dikembe Mutombo, Steve Smith, and John Starks.